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Inspired by explorers from the past, The Globetrotter displays an ode to a time where a watch did more than just tell hours, minutes, and seconds, it was a tool. Made to be put through the paces, great tool watches will perform flawlessly in deep seas or high altitudes.

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  • Jude from Sweden

    I picked up my second ODE watch a little over 2 weeks ago (the Globetrotter GMT) and like my first ODE watch, the experience from placing my order and receiving the watch was seamless. The Globetrotter GMT is a beautiful watch and feels more luxurious than what it cost. Both function and aesthetics of this timepiece is of high quality. I recommend this watch!

  • Alexander from Copenhagen

    I've been a Ode-owner for 3 months now, and I must say that I'm completely blown away by the watch; both the design and clockwork is very appealing ! Very pleased with this watch and how it looks on the arm.

  • Marc from Copenhagen

    I have owned my Ode Statesman watch for half a year now and am very happy with it. It is a very agile watch. I can both use it at work, a relaxing dinner with friends but also goes great with a shirt/suit.

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About ODE

ODE is a Copenhagen based watch brand founded on almost 75 years of Experience.
At ODE we draw inspiration from the best from our past to create graceful and versatile everyday watches for the present. We believe in the power of time. Because the truth of the matter is that as time is passing, we have a choice; to simply watch the minutes tick by or be aware of their meaning. Because the things we spend our time on shape us into the people that we are.

The Globetrotter Diver & GMT "Founders Edition"

Limited to 50 pieces of each model.

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The Statesman

Inspired by visionary heads of state and other democratic role models in nobile positions, The Statesman watch displays a graceful nod to the best from the past.
From €99 incl. free shipping.

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