A traditional watch box is used to store the watch when you're not wearing it. We wanted to challenge that, since we want you to wear your new ODE watch, not stove it away.

That's why we set out to create a box for our watch that is not a watch box, but simply a well-crafted storage box.

We made sure that all the interior parts holding the watch can be removed to make the most of the space inside. We put an effort into designing both the exterior and interior of it in an elegant manner to make it blend in with the books on your bookshelf or lay beautifully on your office desk. We also produced it in materials that will serve you for a long time, minding that you take care of it. And we have a feeling that you will.

So what can I use this box for, you might ask yourself. Well, while some of the watch aficionados out there will probably use it to store spare parts, extra watch straps and that tiny screwdriver you always lose, the more romantic of you, might see it as the perfect shrine for saving old love letters or notebooks filled with field notes and ideas. At the ODE office, some of us use it to store valuable personal belongings and others use it as a beautiful way of hiding away office utensils, de-cluttering our desk space.

Apart from designing a piece of packaging that can be repurposed, we also put an effort into making the box itself as sustainable as possible. We designed the box to have dimensions that are ideal for both shipping in large quantities from our manufacturer to us, as well as smaller shipments from us to you. Furthermore we have chosen to carbon offset all of our shipments. We do this together with our partners at Shopify and their partners. Your purchase is currently helping fund the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest. We understand that this is not enough, but it is one step on our mission to become completely carbon neutral.

Last but not least, the materials used to produce the box is carefully selected FSC certified paper, sourced from responsible sources. This way, we make sure that, should you let go of the box at some point, our planet will not be unnecessarily harmed.