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The Statesman 01 Bundle White/Black


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€149,00 EUR
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The Statesman 01 features our simplest and most clean dial. No date, just hours, minutes and seconds. The watch is powered by a reliable high quality quartz movement from Seiko and is delivered on a beautiful geniunie Italian leather strap with a beautiful sweeping seconds hand.

Sold as a bundle you are getting the craftsmanship and quality at an extraordinary price with 40% off retail, as we have cut out any middlemen.

  • In this bundle you will receive
  • 1 Complete watch (watch and strap of your choice) (Value: €129).
  • 1 Havana Brown (Value: €40).
  • 1 Light Brown Strap (Value: €40).
  • 1 Suede Taupe Strap (Value: €40).

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Why should you get the bundle?

Let’s do the math.

The bundle consist of:
1 Complete watch (watch and strap of your choice) (Value: €175).
1 Black Strap (Value: €45).
1 Light Brown Strap (Value: €45).
1 Suede Taupe Strap (Value: €45).

The Total Value of this Bundle is €310. But because we have chosen to cut out any middlemen like distributors and sales agents we are able to sell you this amazing offer at a fraction of the retail value.

Your Price is €215 which means that you save €100 or roughly 30%!

But it doesn’t end there. When becoming a part of the ODE family you get exclusive benefits such as:

Our industry-leading 11 years limited warranty.
Pre-access to new products including limited editions. 

Product Specifications

High grated 316L Stainless Steel 

Premium Grade Italian Leather

Interchangeable horns and quick release

Domed Mineral Crystal 

Japanese Quartz movement by Seiko 

Diameter: 37,5mm

11 Year Warranty

We don't compensate, neither should you. Our watches are made to last, using the very best components we can get our hands-on. We believe so much in our product that all of our watches come with an 11-year limited warranty when you register your purchase with us. Terms and conditions apply.


A traditional watch box is used to store the watch when you’re not wearing it. We wanted to challenge that, since we want you to wear your new ODE watch, not stove it away. That’s why we set out to create a box for our watch that is not a watch box, but simply a well-crafted storage box. 

So what can I use this box for, you might ask yourself. Well, while some of the watch aficionados out there will probably use it to store spare parts, extra watch straps and that tiny screwdriver you always lose, the more romantic of you, might see it as the perfect shrine for saving old love letters or notebooks filled with field notes and ideas. At the ODE office, some of us use it to store valuable personal belongings and others use it as a beautiful way of hiding away office utensils, de-cluttering our desk space. 

Apart from designing a piece of packaging that can be repurposed, we also put an effort into making the box itself as sustainable as possible. 

We designed the box to have dimensions that are ideal for both shipping in large quantities from our manufacturer to us, as well as smaller shipments from us to you. Furthermore we have chosen to carbon offset all of our shipments. We do this together with our partners at Shopify and their partners. Your purchase is currently helping fund the Jarí Para Forest Conservation Project in the Amazon Rainforest. 

We understand that this is not enough, but it is one step on our mission to become completely carbon neutral. Last but definitely not least, the materials used to produce the box is carefully selected FSC certified paper, sourced from responsible sources. 

This way, we make sure that, should you let go of the box at some point, our planet will not be unnecessarily harmed.

  • Alelxander from Copenhagen

    I've been a Ode-owner for 3 months now, and I must say that I'm completely blown away by the watch; both the design and clockwork is very appealing ! Very pleased with this watch and how it looks on the arm.

  • Geert from Amsterdam

    The ODE Statesman is a well designed affordable watch with a sophisticated aura.

  • Marc from Denmark

    I have owned my Ode Statesman watch for half a year now and am very happy with it. It is a very agile watch. I can both use it at work, a relaxing dinner with friends but also goes great with a shirt / suit.

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Our Designer

The Statesman is designed by Magnus Jørgensen, former Creative Director at Rosendahl Group and design developer at Fritz Hansen. Magnus Jørgensen is one of the leading industrial designers of this generation.

Quick Release Watch Straps

Changing the strap of your watch requires no tools or special skills. All of our straps feature a smart quick-release system making it easy to swap out the strap in a matter of seconds. 

Pick the strap of your choice and snap it back into place to match any mood, outfit or occasion.

The system is a universal standard and is compatible with any straps you might already own that is 18mm.

11 Years. Yup, Eleven Years

At ODE we make high-quality timepieces at the fraction of the cost. While many of our competitors say they do the same, they don't dare to back it up.

We don't compensate, neither should you. Our watches are made to last, using the very best components we can get our hands-on. We believe so much in our product that all of our watches come with an 11-year limited warranty when you register your purchase with us.

Japanese Precision Movements

On the inside, your watch is powered by reliable Japanese quartz movements from Seiko. Movements like these are true workhorses and offers stability and longevity. The battery in the movement will last for approximately three years. 

When it is time to get a new battery it can be changed by your local jeweler.

Genuine Italian Leather

The leather used for our watch straps come from Italy.

It is hand-finished and made from natural leathers which will age with elegance and over time adapt a unique patina and characteristics.

Think of it as the natural materials way of thanking you for wearing it. 

The Finest Stainless Steel

The Statesman watch is made from high-grade and durable 316L stainless steel. 

This material is the choice of the most premier watch manufacturers in Switzerland. It is as gorgeous as it is durable.